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Things You Need to Know

   Hello love bugs ! 

   Here at Sam’s Glam shop, it is our job to create and distribute top of the line products to our beloved customers. Due to the nature/sensitivity of our products we have a  NO RETURN /NO REFUND policy. If there is a problem in shipping and handling, we ask that you please take that up with your carrier. We also ask that you double check shipping/billing information before going through with a purchase as we are not responsible for misspells. 

A reminder that almost all of our natural products are 100% organic or vegan friendly. With that being said we’ve come to the conclusion that shelf life for these items are about 6 months. After the said months are up, we advise you to re-purchase brand new items from our natural section for a fresher use. If you experience any problems with any of the products after the expiration date we advise you to throw them away. All ingredients used to formulate our products are FDA approved.

We are just starting out so bare with us..

we have a small amazing team working to create and ship out your products daily. Due to escalating orders, please allow 1-7 business days for processing and between 7-14 business days for your package to arrive! As stated above all of our products are homemade and may take a while as orders are high in demand. So it may take longer than 14 days in most cases. 

But you should expect your package soon don't you worry ! We haven't forgotten abut you!

PATCH TEST: we advice you test our products by performing a patch test. Simply apply a small amount of our product onto your skin to be sure our products are the best option for your skin and glam bag! 

**Should a reaction occur, requiring any medical attention or not, it is agreed that Sam's Glam Shop is not legally liable or responsible for injury and/or ailment of any kind. You assume the responsibility of any injuries when purchasing from our site.**

Store Policies: Store Policies
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